Another Style and Savings Website Makeover

Style and Savings is an ever evolving project and has undergone yet another makeover.

The original Style and Savings began in August 2013 using the Blogger platform with a standard template and background at



As I started to learn more about how to use Blogger and got creative in developing the design, Style and Savings got a redesign and an Instagram account:







blogspot site pic

At the recommendation of a friend who studied marketing and PR and also recently started a blog, I decided to move my blog to WordPress. I was happy to discover that importing my old posts was extremely fast and easy, but the main reason I decided to move this blog was the availability of the name “Style and Savings” for the URL.

I am already excited about the new capabilities of this site (ex. I’m happy to have the Instagram preview and link and the Category Cloud on the sidebar). As I continue to learn how to use WordPress, I’m sure I will find new elements and have new ideas to add.

Thanks for reading and following along with the new trends here at Style and Savings!


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