Styling Small Spaces: Apartment Decor

The inspiration for this decorating series on Style and Savings happened this summer when I visited a neighbor’s apartment for a get-together. Our apartments are the exact same size and floor plan, but the difference I noticed was the effort she put into decorating and making her place feel like a home while also creating a welcoming atmosphere for her guests.

I decided that even though I’m staying in a small apartment, there is no reason not to add personal touches to make it feel like a home while I’m here.

Having limited time  due to studying for CPA exams, I wanted to start small by focusing on the bathroom first.

Here are couple of “before” pictures:

IMG_1752.JPGI was sad to see my whale friend go, but it was time for something fresh.

IMG_1751.JPGI like to have the products I use to be easy to reach, but this clutter was too much!

I started building a Pinterest board and looking at Target, Walmart, and Bed, Bath & Beyond. I chose my color scheme when I found this shower curtain from Bed, Bath & Beyond called Blaire in Peacock Blue. From there, I just tried to find accessories to match.

The “After” pictures:IMG_1778.JPG


IMG_1776.JPG      IMG_1775.JPG


By using coupons and shopping sales at affordable stores, this was a relatively affordable project:


Basket: $9.99

Towel set: $17.50


Shower curtain liner: $5.88

TJ Maxx:

Shower curtain hooks: $3.99

Bed, Bath & Beyond:

(Bed, Bath & Beyond always sends coupons in the mail, also I saved 20% on the shower curtain by purchasing the display since they were out of stock.)

Shower curtain: $17.99

Bath rug:  $9.99

Soap dish: $3.80

Soap dispenser: $6.85

Trash can: $5.32

TOTAL: $81.31

Now that the bathroom is complete, I’m thinking of ideas for the living room. Send me your ideas and links to pictures of your small space decorations!

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