Apt. 9 Ruffle Blouse Sweater

Have you ever loved an article of clothing so much that you wanted to buy one in every color?


The first time I bought the black Apt. 9 sweater at Kohl’s, I didn’t realize how much I would love it. It looks like it could  be two pieces (ruffled cami with a sweater over it), but is really just one sweater and it is so comfortable and stylish that I ended up buying two more later.

In grad school, my English teacher requested that we dress “upscale business casual” for a presentation and said that my sweater was a good example of this style. She was always complimentary and helped us build confidence in public speaking.

A month or so after buying the black and grey sweater, I found the tan and white version at an even better sale price at Kohls. Since it was missing the fabric belt, I was able to get the price reduced even more and I replaced the belt with a skinny off-white belt from Target.

Almost two years later, browsing through Goodwill, I found the same sweater in a teal color for only $4.29. One of the best things about thrifting is finding a name brand item that you know the higher original value of.

Three of this sweater is enough for now, so I hope to find a new style to fall in love with. Tell me about your favorite outfit!


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