DIY Gifts

One way to celebrate the holidays without spending a lot is with thoughtful, homemade gifts:

DIY mason jar dessert mix


This DIY gift is simple to make and the ingredients look pretty layered inside the jar. Attach the recipe with a nice note and gift tag or top with a bow.

(Click the picture to link to the detailed instructions courtesy of Buzzfeed.)

 Knit Scarf


While knitting does take more time the person who receives this gift will know that you care and will appreciate your time, effort and talent

Photo above of a scarf made by my friend Heather

Sugar Scrub

Use a few simple ingredients to make a sugar scrub for smooth skin in the winter:

                  coconut oil, sugar, peppermint extract, food coloring

Hot Cocoa

I love these great gift ideas! There are more than 15 DIY ideas for Christmas gifts (or anytime of the year). Most of them are quick, inexpensive and easy, too!

Make an ornament and dessert in one gift! Layer instant hot chocolate, sprinkles, chocolate chips, and marshmallows inside a plastic ornament.

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