Christmas Tree Reveal

In college, I didn’t decorate much for Christmas, but one of my best friends who usually hosted the Christmas gift exchange always decorated a small tree and cut out paper snowflakes. The year that I started working, was the year that I decided to decorate and bring the Christmas spirit to my own apartment.

I wanted a small tree that would fit in the little corner of my living room and store easily in the closet, so I bought this 4 ft. pre-lit tree  last year at Super Target for $30.


The tree my family has at home always hosts a variety of ornaments bought at end-of season sales, received as Christmas gifts, or handmade by me or my sister in elementary school.

My tree mostly has  a uniform look of  red and gold ornaments with a  few special ornaments mixed in.


The organized side of me likes the unified theme, but I also feel that it looks more like a department store display. A mix of ornaments  could give it more personality and make it feel like it belongs in a home .

What do you think? Do you prefer an organized color theme or a hodge-podge of ornaments?


  1. We have a color theme for a tree but we probably won’t for long. I’ve started to make a lot of ornaments for my daughter so it getting it a little more random. lol


    1. Yeah, maybe most people start with a theme, but collect random ornaments over the years. Some people at work mentioned having multiple trees with separate ornament collections and separate mini trees for their children’s ornaments. That could be a good idea!


  2. Love this cute little tree!! I tend to go for lots of color but my mom has had a gold and ivory tree every year that I am obsessed with. For my first tree I thought of doing the same but I just couldn’t recreate what she has accumulated over the years!!


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