Maid of Honor

As mentioned in an earlier post,  I am crafting a Maid of Honor speech.

Not knowing where to start, I decided to consult Google.

I found some tips (including DO’s and DONT’s) and I’m thinking that if I follow this relatively fool-proof outline – my speech will be the right amounts of heartfelt, funny, and well-wishing.

I. Opening/Introduction 

  • How I know the Bride and our friendship
  • Funny childhood story

II. How the Bride Met the Groom 

III. How We Knew He was the One

IV. Positive Qualities of the Bride and Groom

V. Wishes for Their Happy Marriage

  • a romantic quote or marriage advice

      (raise your glasses!)

Since every situation can be related to Gilmore Girls, Rory’s speech at Lane’s wedding will also serve as inspiration.

Just like Rory and Lane, my best friend and I have grown up together since grade school.

Being chosen as Maid of Honor truly is an honor.

“A best friend is like a four leaf clover: hard to find and lucky to have.”

Happy #Wedding Wednesday!


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