Makeover Monday 6: Silky Wraps

This Makeover Monday, I want to share a product  that keeps my hair smooth & straight while I get my beauty sleep.

To keep my hair healthy, moisturized, and to help prevent breakage, I wrap my hair at night. While my first thought was to use a silk scarf, these easily fall off, so I needed a different solution.

Introducing Silky Wraps….

The Silky Wraps Wrap Cap is made of satin machine washable material and comes in several fun and pretty prints. The super strong Velcro keeps the wrap on even if you toss and turn.

While the product alone is impressive, I am even more excited that it was created by a black female entrepreneur named Roxy. Besides the wrap caps, her product line includes shower caps, bonnets, satin pillowcases and matching sleepwear.

Each order includes a handwritten Thank You from Roxy
Who are the beauty entrepreneurs you admire? Are you an entrepreneur yourself? Let me know in the comments : )

 Makeup Monday              Fabulous and Fun Life


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