College Care Package

This weekend was homecoming at Purdue. The funny thing about homecoming weekend is that I usually leave campus and go home.

The best part of going to a school 1 hour from my hometown was that I had the freedom to grow up, but anytime I missed my parents & pets I was only a short car ride away.

Whether you’re near or far from your family, it’s nice to know that someone is thinking about you. I was happy to get a box in the mail from my grandmother & aunt or my mom. With a USPS flat rate box, you can fill the box as much as you want – the weight doesn’t matter. Some of the gifts I received were Lorna Doone cookies, Clinique samples, microwave popcorn, $10 cash, cosmetic cases, travel size Bath & Body Works hand lotion, and graham crackers

 Midterms and finals week are a great time to show your college girls some love and let you are proud of them and want them to succeed.

The gifts on the list below will help her stay healthy,  caffeinated & studying hard:

Here is a care package I’m sending out this week:

Have you ever sent or received a college care package?

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