Dress Shopping & Starbucks

As we welcome the new week,  first I’m linking up for a Weekend Recap:

Friday evening was mostly relaxing, but I did take some time to bake pumpkin bread (by special request).

Saturday morning I woke up early and decided to catch up on The Royals…. maybe a new season is starting soon?

The Royals helps fill the Gossip Girl void, but is too different to compare – being focused on the British monarchy instead of New York’s Upper Eastsiders.  It’s a good change for E! to have a scripted drama to offset all the reality shows.

After finishing season 1, most of the afternoon was spent dress shopping with my mom, grandmother & auntie. I fell in love with a dress at David’s, but I wasn’t ready to say yes. So more updates to come….

Sunday brunch

After sleeping in, it was time to make brunch. Breakfast is my favorite meal of the day and the weekends are the only time I can cook in the morning. I tried a bacon recipe from Pinterest called “Million Dollar Bacon”. I didn’t have any cayenne pepper,but I don’t think it was necessary. I would actually tone down the spice a little more, with less red pepper, and the combination of sweet and spicy was delicious!


 Not pictured: mimosas (the official drink of fancy brunch)
 Later in the afternoon, we picked up Starbucks 1/2 price holiday drinks and finally went outside to enjoy the weather.

So thankful for a beautiful 65-degree day in November, Cheers!

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