Yerdle allows you to post and trade items with people all over the country.

Basically Yerdle is like a mega nation-wide thrift store 

The best part is that everything is free, the only cost is shipping. Each new shopper starts off with $25 YRD (the virtual currency of Yerdle). YRD can only be earned when someone buys an item you posted.

You can even create a wish list and the app will notify you each time someone posts an item that matches your wish.

Here are some of my favorite finds:

        A gift for my flower girl                                                 Boiler Up!  

For summer or under a cardigan                                                        For winter 

To match the rest of the set



On my “to read” list      

  The Roaring Twenties                                            One of my favorite shows


Yerdle can appeal to several groups:

Thrifters – who want to find gently-used (and sometimes brand new) items at a low price

Minimalists – who want to clear clutter – for example if you are in the process of moving you can post things you don’t want anymore. Once you are settled in to a new space you can spend your YRD on new decor

Upcyclers – those who care about sustainability and reusing products that already exist rather than using resources to create new items

Do you Yerdle? Are you a thrifter, minimalist, or upcycler? Share your favorite finds in the comments.

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