Reuse, Recycle, Remarry?

Before sites like Recycle Your Wedding and Wedding Recycle became popular, I remember seeing old wedding dresses in the thrift stores.

Ruffled            Wedding Recycle

I realize that it’s not practical to take up closet space with a dress that you’ll never wear again, but I thought that most married women kept their dresses for the happy memories.

shadow box

Photo Credit: https:://

I guessed that the wedding dresses in Goodwill were the result of an unhappy ending. I’m all about saving money, but when it comes to my wedding I feel a little superstitious. I would wonder who the dress belonged to and whether or not she was still happily married.

I can understand getting some things used that  you most likely would not keep anyway (ex. centerpieces, charger plates, table runners), but wedding dresses, and wedding rings are so personal.

Would you wear a once-worn wedding dress or buy vintage wedding rings?

Have you bought or sold used wedding decorations?


  1. That photo is gorgeous! I know a few people that have vintage rings, and others that bought their dress used. It’s definitely not something I could have done, but I love the idea for others. I am pretty sure my sister will do both.


  2. If I reeeally loved the dress I might’ve considered buying a used one I guess…but I only went to dress shops which only sold new ones so that took the option out of it. My engagement ring was purchased at a jewelry shop and was actually pre-owned. They replaced the diamond in it with a diamond from a pre-owned necklace too because that diamond was much less cloudy. However, my ring is pretty tiny, so it could’ve been pre-owned as just a ring, not engagement related at all. Or maybe even a promise ring. I thought a tiny bit about the previous owner when we first bought it but I haven’t thought about it since!


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