Creole Thrift

“Premium southern living without spending a mint”

 Creole Thrift by Angele Parlange contains beautiful pictures of her family’s Southern home in New Orleans, Louisiana. Along with photographs and descriptions of the home decor which include custom made pieces, DIY projects and flea market finds, she also includes stories of her family’s history.

Style and Savings fits right into the Creole thrift philosophy:

“Although they like quality and first-class trappings, Creoles intuitively know there are ways to be resourceful; to make do or reinvent what you have on hand.” 

Style & Savings is all about looking great without paying full price by being thrifty and creative.

What are some of your favorite DIY projects & thrift store finds? Share your link with us in the comments!

Disease Called Debt          Olives-n-Okra


  1. Thrift stores always make me wish I was a better sewer! I read sites like Refashionista and I’m so jealous over what they can turn $1 thrift store find into!


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