DIY Bridal Bouquets

Saturday afternoon was a DIY Day with my mom & my Matron of Honor. We focused on making bouquets for each of my bridesmaid and also my bridal bouquet.

I have never been very interested in fresh flowers because they never seem to last longer than 2 weeks in a vase, so I knew I wanted to use silk flowers.

This project was easy to do and can also be inexpensive. I was able to get almost all of the supplies on sale from Michael’s and JoAnn.


What you Need:

  1. Silk Flowers

  2. Floral Tape

  3. Pearl topped straight pins

  4. Pretty Ribbon

  5. Wire Cutters

(my ribbon says “Holiday Cheer – check out this post to see how you can use other discounted holiday decor in your wedding)


A few tips I learned about flower arranging are:

  • Balance the number of each type of flower
  • Balance the number of each color of flower
  • Work in a circle, rotating the bouquet as you add more flowers

Getting Started:

Silk flowers usually have lots of leaves and are attached together at the stems

Use wire cutters to cut the flowers apart from each other

The leaves can easily be pulled off

Hold the flowers tight starting at the top and wrap tightly with flower tape and make sure the stems  are long enough to be held with two hands.

If the stems are still longer than desired, trim off the extra with wire cutters

Next,  wrap the stems with the pretty ribbon, covering the floral tape

(you may want to make the ribbon longer to tie a bow, or have the ends cascading from the top)

Finish the bouquet by adding the pearl-topped pins to help hold the bouquet together  a decorative touch.


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