Dreams to Reality


This past Saturday was the 7th annual Women in Business Conference. In previous years, this conference was mostly aimed at business majors including Accounting, Management, and Economics so this year it was interesting to see it take a turn towards more creative fields of entrepreneurship, marketing and publishing.

The 2016  keynote speakers were Katherine Crowley and Molly Longest, co-founders of The Lala – a blog whose target audience (and editorial staff) is college girls and focuses on providing positive content with categories ranging from Fashion and Travel to Health, Feminism, and Tech & Innovation.

In some ways, it reminds me of  Her Campus – which is where I found the very first bloggers I followed through the Her Campus Blogger Network. But I feel more connected to  TheLaLa  as it was founded by fellow alumna and formerly titled  PurdueLaLa.

Katherine & Molly started blogging while they were sophomores at Purdue and now girls from nearly 100 schools across the country write for and read TheLaLa.

Here is my interpretation of some of the main ideas from their presentation:


Go forward with your dreams as if there is no chance it will fail. If you strongly believe in something, you can use your passion to inspire others to believe too.

Just Do It (like seriously, right now)

Don’t wait for your life to start, if you have an idea just go for it – no excuses

Define Your Own Success

After college, there are are no courses and no grades to measure how well you are doing. The world opens up and there are endless opportunities. It’s up to you to set  goals for your life and the criterion to measure your success. Focus on your goals and don’t compare yourself to others

Another major part of the conference was the Strengths Finders Assessment, which was created by Gallup.

After answering over 150 questions, the assessment determines your top 5 strengths

We learned that you should  channel your energy towards your strengths:

If you focus on improving your weaknesses, you may go from incompetent to mediocre – but if you focus on your strengths, you can go from good to excellent

This was a completely  new insight to me and it gave me permission to have a more positive outlook on life by focusing on what I do well instead of what I wish I could do better.  I will continue to look  for opportunities that highlight my talents.

Each year that I have participated in the Women in Business conference has been a great experience and I always walk away with good advice & inspiration.

Share in the comments below:

Who inspires you? What are you doing to achieve  your goals?


  1. Love this! I was also at the WIB conference (I think we sat at the same lunch table) and I fully agree with your takeaway about improving on your strengths. I’ve always been one to put my effort into working on the things I’m not as naturally skilled in, but now I have a fresh perspective on how to play to my strengths!

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts 🙂


    1. Thanks Kelsey! I remember sitting with you (and noticing that we have the same last name 😀 ) I appreciate that you took the time to read this and I’m so happy to connect with you as WIB member. Keep in touch!


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