Wedding Wish Lists

Besides the Save the Date debate, another compromise we made was the decision to have a registry or a Wishing Well

wishing well wedding - Google Search:

(a nice way of saying cards & cash only)

Our compromise was to create a registry for the Bridal Shower and to have a Wishing Well at the wedding

Originally I really wasn’t interested in a registry because we both have apartments with home & kitchen essentials, but once we started the list, I realized there were some items that I would enjoy, but normally wouldn’t treat myself to.

Libbey® 9-Piece Cocktails Mixologist Set              Waring® Rotating Style Belgian Waffle Maker

Another reason why I didn’t want a registry is etiquette. I read this book right after we got engaged and it made me very conscious of not becoming an entitled Bridezilla and remembering to be a gracious hostess to my guests. I do not want to offend them by “asking” for gifts or dictating how much a gift should cost.

Miss Manners' Guide to a Surprisingly Dignified Wedding

As part of the compromise, we are not publishing registry information on any of the invitations. The registry will only be shared with guests who ask or choose to view it on our wedding website.

Despite Miss Manners’ views on the matter, registries have become commonplace and are considered helpful to guests who are not sure what to give.

Registries have evolved to include contributions to the Honeymoon or to a down payment on the couples’ first house.

As a guest or as a bride – How do you feel about wedding registries?  



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  1. I highly recommend having a registry to all of my clients. Most of the time you will end up with things you don’t like and can’t return, and I’m sure the guests would rather buy you something you will actually use. Personally, we had an Amazon registry, Target registry and a Honeyfund (honeymoon) registry. We didn’t have very much on the Target or Amazon one, but most people went through out Honeyfund anyways. We received so many compliments that guests loved to buy us experiences rather than things that will sit in our house. I’ve had one client do the wishing well, and people loved that as well. They had a plaque put on the top with their name and wedding date, and have in on their front porch!


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