Bridal on a Budget: What’s Worth It

In a recent issue of Wedding Wire’s email newsletter, I clicked on the article

 7 Things Every Couple Should Agree on Before they Start Wedding Planning.

The second thing on the list after Budget was Spending Priorities. As a Bride on a Budget, I had already put some thought into this – my photographer and videographer were the first vendors I booked.

Here are the Top 5 items in our wedding budget that are worth it:

1- Photography

2- Videography

3 – The Dress

4 – Music

5 – Food

1- Photography: Photos are forever. I want to have a beautiful wedding album and framed         photos to decorate our future home

2- Videography: Watching a video of our wedding will allow us to re-live the happy                     memories

3- The Dress: The big moment of a wedding is when the bride makes her grand entrance.           With all eyes on me, I want to look stunning!

4- Music: While the ceremony is all about the bride & groom, the reception is about                     creating a fun party for the guests. Music sets the tone for the party and the dance                 floor. We want our guests to remember how much fun they had celebrating with us.

5 – Food: Having good food is part of providing hospitality to guests and being a good                   hostess.


As a guest or a Bride, what elements of a wedding are most important to you?

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  1. Totally agree with you there on all accounts. We ran into a little snag when my parents thought that videography was ridiculous so it fell to the bottom of the importance list…but we found an amazing videographer that we are really excited about and that came with a good price tag to make everyone happy. – Svetlana @Life With a Side of Wine


  2. Photography is definitely important – just make sure on the turn around time. My photographer told us at most 2 months. Here we have been married for a little over 3 months and nothing.


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