Toast to Tuesday: Signature Drinks

The most expensive part of a wedding is not the wedding – it’s the reception. Serving food, drinks and cake to all of your guests really adds up. One way to save money on the bar tab is  by having a Signature Drink.

If you want your guests to dance and keep the party going, you are probably having a bar and in general as a hostess, your guests shouldn’t have to pay for drinks at a cash bar. Really – Miss Manners says so. Your open bar doesn’t have to be a full bar though – just keep it simple with beer, wine, and a signature cocktail.

Having a signature cocktail is a fun way to incorporate your theme, wedding colors, personality, or honeymoon destination. My cousin and her new husband were headed to Antigua, and their signature cocktail was a tropical blue drink called Antigua Breeze.

Since we are headed to a warm-weather locale (to be revealed later), I’m also going for a tropical umbrella drink .


MALIBU Piña Colada                                                  

Malibu  Run’s Pina Colada                                      The Original Mai Tai


What is your favorite cocktail? 



To Travel & Beyond     


  1. For our wedding we had an open bar but for beer & wine only and we bought our own alcohol and brought it into the reception! It really saved us a lot of money because we were able to only spend about $350 on alcohol for 185 guests! If you can bring your own alcohol in I would highly suggest it!


  2. I tried to find a signature drink that was purple to match our colors but couldn’t without having the venue provide alcohol they normally didn’t and charging us out the you know what. So we did our favorite bar drinks and had a sign for that. I was bummed we couldn’t make a fun one though! This is a cute and great idea-I love tropical drinks!


  3. Now I am excited to find out about your honeymoon location! We had an open bar with liquor, but I wanted signature drinks as well. My husbands was apple pie moonshine which is a tradition where he grew up, and mine was raspberry lemonade.


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