Self Made Success: Simply Wright

Self-made Success

One of my goals for Style and Savings is to personally connect with the writers behind the blogs I enjoy and to share them with you! Since getting to know each other is a two-way street, I’m not the only one asking the questions – each featured blogger will also have questions for me.

Today, I want to feature Ashleigh of Simply Wright – a lifestyle blog where she writes about a variety of topics including Frugal Living and Travel

Simply Wright

How did you become interested in blogging?

Simply Wright: I have always enjoyed reading blogs and connecting online. My family and I travel a lot, lived abroad, and I’ve always been into crafting and cooking. I just thought that the time had come for me to join the community and share my life through blogging.

Style and Savings: After graduation, I realized how much free time I had after work – I needed a hobby! I have always enjoyed reading and discovered the blogging community through the Her Campus Blogger network. My mom had encouraged me to start a blog in the past, and I finally decided to give it a try.

What goals or upcoming projects do you have for your blog? 

Simply Wright: I just recently got published on the Huffingtonpost, which was a major goal of mine for 2016. Since I’ve met that goal, I guess now I’d like to get some travel sponsors, keep building an audience, and making connections. I’m planning some cool travel posts in the coming months, so that’s really exciting.

Style and Savings: I have some exciting vacations planned with my Dear Future Husband and will be sharing our travel adventures on Style and Savings this summer.

Share links to 2 of your favorite posts you have written:

Why I Leave Handprints on the Mirror

Day Trip in Brussels 

IMG_1415 Dreams to Reality

Style and Savings Guide to Saying Yes to the Dress


What are you most excited about lately?

Simply Wright: In life… just being able to see my kids change and grow everyday! Life is flying by, so to take the time to really appreciate what’s in front of me is pretty neat and exciting. With my blogging career… getting published on HuffPost was really exciting for me!

Style and Savings: I am very excited about my wedding and dedicating more time to writing for Style and Savings & connecting with bloggers.

What is your favorite quote?

Simply Wright: It’s not really a quote but I live by “Carpe Diem”. Seriously though, seize the day!

If you could visit anywhere in the world where would you go?

Simply Wright: I’ve been a lot of places but I’d love to go to the Spanish coast. Or to the Australian Outback.

Where do you get the ideas for your blog posts?

Simply  Wright: From everyday. Sometimes I plan ahead but then it all falls apart because something happens in my life or I cook something new and have to share it right away.

What advice do you have for other bloggers?

Simply Wright: Be prepared to work hard and set time aside every day to help build your blog. Even if it’s just a hobby, your blog is a representation of you, so make sure you’re doing yourself proud!

Thanks Ashleigh for being part of Style and Savings’ Self -Made Success series and congratulations on being published on Huffington Post!

Be sure to check out more of Ashleigh’s  adventures at Simply Wright




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