Self-made Success: ShopLauren’sPlace


A couple years ago, I discovered @shoplauren’splace on Instagram. It was the first time I had seen Instagram being used as a storefront. @shoplauren’splace has cute clothes in a variety of sizes. Lauren is also sweet, ships orders quickly, and will search for specific items you’re in search of.


slp sundress

Lauren was nice enough to offer Style and Savings readers a discount and answer a few questions about what it’s like to be an Instagram entrepreneur. Keep reading!

What inspired you to start your boutique?

I actually discovered Instagram shops after reading a fashion blog! This blog author was selling off some her clothes she had featured in posts. I thought, “That’s a great idea! I have some clothes that I don’t wear anymore either!” It started out as a fun idea, turned into a hobby and is now somewhat of a part-time job!

What do you like most about Instagram?

I love that I’ve been able form friendships with other amazing shop owners and bond with customers who live all over the country!

What are some ways that you attract new followers?

One way that I’ve attracted followers is by doing what we refer to as “Share For Shares”. We each feature an item for each other, like free marketing. 

I’ve also had fun participating in Loop Giveaways – when shops and blog owners all pitch in to offer a prize for followers! 

Do you have any giveaways or discounts coming up?

I’d love to offer your readers a 10% discount when they tell me that they read your post!! They can also stay tuned for more giveaways!!

How many stores do you have to go to each week to find your inventory?

I currently find inventory at one store, once a week. In the past, I had visited up to three stores a week. 

What is rewarding about being an entrepreneur?

I love that I’m able to have a flexible schedule. I post on Instagram and shop while I have free time. I have 2 children so being able to spend time with them, while running a shop on the side is priceless!

Do you also have a full-time job? What do you do & is it related to sales & fashion in any way?

I am currently a stay-at-home mom. Prior to having children, I worked in the home building industry. I’ve always loved fashion and shopping. Finding amazing pieces for my shop is a stress reliever for me!





What are some of your favorite Instagram boutiques?

Are you an entrepreneur who would like to participate in Style and Savings’ Self-made Success Series?

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