California Dreamin’

While snow on the ground in the middle of March, I’m getting more & more excited for our upcoming Spring Break trip.

We’ll be heading to San Francisco, California!

I haven’t been to San Francisco but there are plenty of pop culture references that make this look like a fun place.

Full House

As a 90’s kid, I loved watching this show and clearly remember the theme song. I was an even bigger fan of Mary-Kate and Ashley and all of their VHS movies, especially the ones where they played detectives and solved mysteries.

The town house filmed in the show wasn’t a set; it’s a real house located in San Francisco. At the end of 2016, the creator of Full House purchased it for over $4M. Read more here

Photo Credit:              Photo Credit: The Hollywood Reporter

Rice A Roni

Rice A Roni logo

Photo Credit:

 The commercial’s  jingle “Rice A Roni – The San Francisco Treat ” brings back another childhood memory of a  red plastic wind- up toy cable car I played with. Now I think of Rice A Roni as an easy to make side dish that has inspired many Pinterest recipes.

Wake Me Up in San Francisco

In 2011, not long after Katy Perry’s California Girls was a hit, the group Cascada had a similar sounding California – themed song called “Wake Me Up in San Francisco”. If you like catchy, upbeat pop music – enjoy the official music video on YouTube.

The Mindy Project

Photo Credit: Fox

In 2015’s Season 3 of The Mindy Project, several episodes took place in California, which I mainly remember by the amusing wordplay title of Episode 13: “San Francisco Bae”. For more cute pics of Mindy & Danny’s sight seeing adventures click here.

I’m still working on our itinerary, so let me know in the comments if you have any restaurant recommendations or sight-seeing tips.



  1. oh my gosh! I went to san fran on a girl’s trip spring break years ago – it was a blast. we stayed in san fran but took a day to napa/sonoma, I recommend max napa wine tours as a driver/guide. we also checked out the muir woods, ghiradelli, and lots more that I can’t remember 🙂 have soooo much fun!


  2. Oh you’re in for a treat. My tip is if you want to go to Alcatraz (which is totally awesome) book well in advance and well before you go. Tickets are often sold out days and sometimes weeks in advance! Also you should bob on over to my friend at bright lights of America dot com. She’s based in San Fran and her blog has some top tips!


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