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Glossies Made Me Do It – October 2017


It’s time for another edition of “Glossies Made Me Do It”.  Link up with Happy Pretty Sweet or Shooting Stars Mag to join the fun.


An article called The Girlfriend Getaway Guide in this month’s Redbook made me enter  a sweepstakes. The sweepstakes winner receives a  round-trip airfare and a 4 night stay for 4 people at Aulani, a Disney Resort and Spa in Hawaii that is featured in the article.

Hawaii is such a beautiful, tropical place to visit and I would love to go back one day. If you are planning your own vacation and are new to air travel, the post Tips for New Travelers will help you prepare.

I’m a big fan of organizational tips, which made me pin page 28 to my Organization & Cleaning board on Pinterest.  Using tension rods looks like an easy DIY to stylishly keep your space neat.


On one of the first few pages of this month’s Essence magazine was an advertisement for Empire’s return to Wednesday nights on FOX.

Previously Empire was on FOX from 9  -10pm which conflicted with ABC’s Blackish, which started at 9: 30pm. Blackish has now moved to Tuesday nights, which made me happy to know that these two shows no longer air in competing time slots. I’m so ready for Fall TV and new seasons of these shows and also of the TGIT lineup.

This photo on page 39 made me reminisce about my friends and I being big Lady Gaga fans in college and seeing girls with Diet Coke cans in their hair on the way to the concert – channeling her “Telephone” video.

An interview with Ledisi on page 70  made me remember those weird stretchy shirts that were in style when I was in 7th grade – does anyone remember that from the early 2000’s?

That’s all until next month – join the link up or comment below to share what “glossies made you do”!

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DIY Flower Girl Dress

Being someone with no patience for sewing, I thought this would be an easy, one-afternoon project.

This No Sew Flower Girl dress ending up being way more challenging than I thought it would be.


As the instructions recommend, the top is a crochet band. With a quick Google search, I was able to purchase one from Girls Crochet Headbands. I chose a purple unlined Tutu Top because I wondered if lining would cause the top to be less stretchy.

Purple Crochet Tutu Top

Photo credit: Girls Crochet Headbands

Although I planned to cover the top with flowers, I didn’t want any part of it to be revealing (or scratchy) so I found a low-price ($3!), lavender, spaghetti strap tank top from Walmart to be worn underneath.


Making the tulle skirt layers was pretty simple – with Mommy cutting the tulle into strips and me tying them to the crochet band, we were able to put two layers on quickly.

Even after a third layer was on, we were concerned about whether the tulle would be see-through. We ended up using a fabric skirt as a slip to be worn under the dress – luckily the skirt was a keepsake from when my sister and I were little, so this was no additional expense.

the-finished-productThe instructions showed how you could use a glue-gun to attach each flower to the crochet top. Of course the photos made it look easy, but I didn’t know how well they would stay on or how the flowers would keep their shape without the plastic stems.

Thankfully Mommy rescued the dress and this is also where this stopped being a “No Sew” DIY.

Mommy hand stitched each of the flowers to the dress along with a tiny purple bead in the center of each flower.


flower girl dress.jpg

While I liked the general idea to make this dress, it was not as fast as I thought it would be and it also required a skirt and tank top to be worn under it. Despite the extra effort – making a flower girl dress is a lot less expensive than buying one.

Overall, I’m so happy with this beautiful dress.



Photo Credit: Marta Lewis Photography


Photo Credit: Marta Lewis Photography

Bridesmaid Boxes

Today’s post features another one of the many  sweet touches Mommy created for the wedding.


Photo Credit: Marta Lewis Photography

Each of my 5 special ladies got a colorful box with a collection of small gifts and a handwritten note from me inside.


Nature Valley Bar and Belvita Breakfast Cookies – to keep energized during the day

Tissues – to wipe away happy tears

Icebreakers – for fresh, kissable breath

 Tylenol  and bandages – for fast first aid fixes

Emory Board/Nail grooming kit/purple nailpolish – for pretty purple polished nails

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DIY Wedding Card Box



DIY Wedding Card Box

Being a bride on a budget, I had a list of several decorations that I wanted to DIY instead of buy.

Wedding Card box / Card holder / Wedding money box - 3 tier - Personalized - Purple

I was inspired by this gorgeous Etsy listing. but I was not willing to pay so much 💵💰

Luckily I found these instructions from Michelle Ng’s blog.

Instead of painting and decorating a plain cardboard box, I found beautiful boxes on sale at Michael’s. They matched our purple and lavender wedding colors and even had our flowers (hydrangeas) on them.

While I saved time by not having to decorate the boxes, I didn’t realize these boxes are made of much stronger material and could not simply be cut with an Exacto knife.

Luckily, I have talented  parents (they ended up doing all of my DIY projects….) who were able to cut through the boxes with a jigsaw.

In addition to gluing the 3 boxes to eachother, the flaps on the front of the boxes were also glued shut. This way the boxes could not be opened and cards would be dropped in to the slot cut into the top box.

The pretty rhinestones came from a sticker sheet – also found at Michael’s

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Happy Wedding Wednesday!


The Way to His Heart


Norpro Nonstick Heart Pancake Egg Rings, Set of 2


These pancake shapes from Amazon ($6.99) helped me create the perfect Valentine’s Day breakfast.

(Don’t forget to use non-stick cooking spray so the batter won’t stick to the heart.)

Add some heart- shaped strawberries and coffee for a complete breakfast.


grab button for Hugs and Lattes

DIY Galentines 

February 13th is Galentines Day!

This relatively new (and much needed) holiday is the perfect opportunity to celebrate friends – the ladies in your life that you respect & admire. 

Whether or not you have a guy – don’t forget to make time for your girls this Valentine’s Day weekend.

What you need:

Large index cards


Conversation Heart print outs

Colorful pens or markers



Scotch washi tape

Glitter, rhinestones, stickers, etc.


  • You can find a conversation heart print out from  The Sequin Notebook
  • I could only find ruled index cards, so I glued two together so the lines wouldn’t show
  • Make sure that you have envelopes that fit the cards (I had to cut the edges of the cards to fit)


Be Creative!

How do you celebrate Galentine’s Day?

DIY Bridal Bouquets

Saturday afternoon was a DIY Day with my mom & my Matron of Honor. We focused on making bouquets for each of my bridesmaid and also my bridal bouquet.

I have never been very interested in fresh flowers because they never seem to last longer than 2 weeks in a vase, so I knew I wanted to use silk flowers.

This project was easy to do and can also be inexpensive. I was able to get almost all of the supplies on sale from Michael’s and JoAnn.


What you Need:

  1. Silk Flowers

  2. Floral Tape

  3. Pearl topped straight pins

  4. Pretty Ribbon

  5. Wire Cutters

(my ribbon says “Holiday Cheer – check out this post to see how you can use other discounted holiday decor in your wedding)


A few tips I learned about flower arranging are:

  • Balance the number of each type of flower
  • Balance the number of each color of flower
  • Work in a circle, rotating the bouquet as you add more flowers

Getting Started:

Silk flowers usually have lots of leaves and are attached together at the stems

Use wire cutters to cut the flowers apart from each other

The leaves can easily be pulled off

Hold the flowers tight starting at the top and wrap tightly with flower tape and make sure the stems  are long enough to be held with two hands.

If the stems are still longer than desired, trim off the extra with wire cutters

Next,  wrap the stems with the pretty ribbon, covering the floral tape

(you may want to make the ribbon longer to tie a bow, or have the ends cascading from the top)

Finish the bouquet by adding the pearl-topped pins to help hold the bouquet together  a decorative touch.


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