Toast to Tuesday

Toast to Tuesday: Signature Drinks

The most expensive part of a wedding is not the wedding – it’s the reception. Serving food, drinks and cake to all of your guests really adds up. One way to save money on the bar tab is  by having a Signature Drink.

If you want your guests to dance and keep the party going, you are probably having a bar and in general as a hostess, your guests shouldn’t have to pay for drinks at a cash bar. Really – Miss Manners says so. Your open bar doesn’t have to be a full bar though – just keep it simple with beer, wine, and a signature cocktail.

Having a signature cocktail is a fun way to incorporate your theme, wedding colors, personality, or honeymoon destination. My cousin and her new husband were headed to Antigua, and their signature cocktail was a tropical blue drink called Antigua Breeze.

Since we are headed to a warm-weather locale (to be revealed later), I’m also going for a tropical umbrella drink .


MALIBU Piña Colada                                                  

Malibu  Run’s Pina Colada                                      The Original Mai Tai


What is your favorite cocktail? 



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Toast to Tuesday: Dirty Apple

This drink is inspired by one of my favorite shows – Desperate Housewives. For the first 3 seasons this was how Mommy and I spent Sunday nights. When I was away at college, watching from my dorm room, I knew she was watching too. We would talk and laugh about it later, trying to guess what would happen next. 

There are several reasons to love Desperate Housewives:

the friendship

desperate housewives.

the mystery

It's the age old question, isn't it? ~ Bree Van De Kamp ~ Desperate Housewives Quotes ~ Season 1, Episode 2 ~ Ah, But Underneath:

the drama

and the comedy

When she revealed how domestic she is.

For a while, all 7 seasons of Desperate Housewives were on Netflix, but now I’m lucky to have come across the Season 1 DVD Set on Yerdle 

Cheers to the ladies of Wisteria Lane!

1 1/2 oz Kahlua® coffee liqueur

1 1/2 oz warm milk

4 oz hot apple cider


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