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Be True to Your School: 5 Ways to Give Back to Your Alma Mater

This weekend is Homecoming at Purdue University.
Homecoming is a time when alumni return to campus to reunite with friends and reminisce about their college days.

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Photo Credit: Trevor Mahlmann

Oh….and go to the football game


Photo Credit: Trevor Mahlmann


You may be picturing alumni clubs and alumni donors as rich retirees, but recent grads – the truth is….It’s not too early to give back to your school. 

You can volunteer your time and make use of your connections to impact current students in the following ways:

  1. Job Shadow

  2. Mock Interviewer

  3. Resume Reviewer

  4. Guest Speaker or Mentor

  5. Monetary Donation

Job Shadow

Career exploration is important as some students are still figuring which industry would be the best choice for them. If your company will allow it, a job shadowing opportunity can help a student to experience a typical day in your role.

Resume Reviewer

The first step on the path to an internship or full-time career opportunity is creating a resume. As a resume reviewer, you can assist students in making sure their resumes are polished and professional.

Mock Interviewer

Resumes and interviews go hand in hand. You can help students prepare to make a good first impression by participating in a mock interviewing program. Using a list of standard behavioral interview questions, you can simulate a typical job interview so that students can practice communication skills.

Guest Speaker or Mentor

Student organizations are often looking for professionals to speak at various club meetings and conferences. If you are willing to talk about your company or share your success story, this is another great way to share your knowledge and experience.

 If you are willing to meet students one-on-one or in small groups for coffee or be contacted by phone or Skype, students who are looking for some direction and advice would be grateful to benefit from your mentorship.

Monetary Donation

Whether you can contribute a little or a lot, every dollar adds up. If you make  donation, most contributions are tax deductible and often you are given the option to designate whether you want your contribution to go to a specific student organization, program, or school within the university. To increase the impact of  your contribution, find out if your company offers a matching program.

Also, don’t forget to leverage your connections inside and outside of your workplace. Many corporations are involved in philanthropy and are willing to sponsor student organizations and university events. You can act as a liaison in helping to coordinate a company sponsorship.

For more information on how you can give back, contact your school’s alumni office or career center.

Ever Grateful, Ever True

Have a Happy Homecoming Week


Gilmore Girls and Guys

During high school, my after-school activities included taking a break before homework to watch Gilmore Girls with my mom (and sometimes my sister would stay around past the opening theme song) on Fox Family – this was before the days of ABC Family and Freeform.

I’ve been so excited for the show to come back on Netflix ….it’s been almost 10 years since it’s been off the air!

It’s been fun to see other fans’ getting excited as the premier got closer. About a month ago my Instagram feed had multiple pictures of Gilmore girls fans with their cups of “Luke’s Coffee”
After watching a funny video of the Gilmore Guys on another blog I knew this would be a fun way to reminisce without watching the episodes all over again.

Image result for gilmore guys podcast

I’m enjoying the podcast – since I have seen almost every episode multiple times (listening to Gilmore Guys would be extremely confusing for someone who had never watched the show). It’s entertaining to hear the guys’ points of view on the characters and story lines and sometimes they point out technical aspects of the show’s filming – sets, casting and camera angles. Their on-going joke about Alexis Bledel being a guest in the podcast’s first season also makes me laugh.

Thanksgiving weekend was the perfect time to premiere Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life. After the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade and the National Dog Show, I had two days to relax at my parents house for a Gilmore Girls marathon.

We built the excitement by watching 1-2 episodes from each season before watching the new episodes. At this point we have only watched the first episode “Winter” so I am trying to avoid reading any spoilers!

Did you watch Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life? Did you binge watch or will you slowly enjoy it throughout the year?

How was your long weekend?

Cake Tasting

This weekend was a milestone in the wedding planning process as  out last vendor is in place now.

This was also one of the most fun meetings we had, because who doesn’t want to taste cupcakes!

We went to a local bakery that I had visited before with co-workers. Periodically the bakery has $1 cupcake day!

This place not only smells delicious, but the decor is a gorgeous, vintage style.

 They not only do cakes, cupcakes and desserts, but they also can provide decor services.


A cake table display

Having been in the area for years, they have lots of experience with wedding cakes and regularly work with our venue, as they have several wedding clients per weekend.

We were allowed to try all the flavors we wanted, and of course we bought some to share with family we were visiting.


The cake consultation area with a Winter Wonderland theme




What’s your favorite cake flavor?


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Self -Made Success – AMPsConnected


 Last month, I was invited to “Brunch with Inspiring Ladies” and had the opportunity to be featured on the AMPsConnected podcast.

AMPsConnected was started by my friend Lexi  in July of 2015 and her mission is to travel and connect with artists. I honestly wasn’t very familiar with podcasts until she told me about it, but now I am a subscriber!

Lexi enjoys visiting new places and having conversations with interesting people and sees the podcast as a platform for up and coming artists to share their art with others

The term artist covers all different forms of art including : singing, acting, writing, poetry, and giving back to the community by being lovely, educated & talented.

 After having a delicious brunch of comfort foods:  (Mac & Cheese, Veronica’s cheesy grits, biscuits, fruit, shrimp etouffe pie, red beans & rice, salad) and drinks: mimosas and sweet tea, we were ready to record.

Lexi has a beautiful singing and speaking voice. I was nervous about how I would sound, but being in a group helped (there were 8 of us). Once we started talking it was easier to relax, be myself and be more aware of the ladies in the room with me than of Lexi’s iphone recording us.

Each of the ladies in the room has an interesting specialty to share:

Jean – Teaching Sociology, Race & Ethnicity in France

Natasha – Teaching Psychology, Co-organizing Black Professionals group

Brittney – Local news reporting

Aria – Studying as grad student, Organizing poetry slams

Me- Blogging

Veronica – Career Consulting

Ebony – Singing, Being a mom to 3 kids, featured on a previous episode

Nana – Researching nutrition & obesity,  Running

Getting together with friends for good food and conversation is always fun and this was a great way to get to know more about each other’s interests  and to send Lexi off on her next adventure!

Listen to AMPs Connected and let us know what you think in the comments

What’s your favorite podcast?


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Wedding Makeup

Wedding Makeup


One of the ways I’m saving on the wedding budget is DIY makeup and hair.

My Matron Of Honor is a makeup aficionado and did my makeup for senior prom and one of my besties is an Estee Lauder sales rep trained in makeup application –  we’ve got this covered!

Although I occasionally write about beauty products on Makeover Monday, I’m really not that into makeup. Usually I’m rushing too much in the morning to put on anything more than a < 5 minute Face.

Last year, some friends started selling Mary Kay and I picked up the Mary Kay CC Cream. I like how it feels smooth and light-weight.

My aunt always shares her Clinique free gifts, so the Soft-Pressed Powder Blush is from her.

The rest is on my Sephora Shopping List:

Eye shadow in shades of gold and pink – Urban Decay Naked 3 eye palette 

Defining eye liner crayon – Revlon ColorStay Eyeliner Pencil in Brown

lash lengthening mascara – L’ Oreal Paris Telescopic Original Mascara in Black

Kiss-proof lip color – Sephora Luster Matte Long-wear Lip Color in  Rose Luster


Have you tried any of these products?

Are there other beauty products that you would recommend?

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Dreams to Reality


This past Saturday was the 7th annual Women in Business Conference. In previous years, this conference was mostly aimed at business majors including Accounting, Management, and Economics so this year it was interesting to see it take a turn towards more creative fields of entrepreneurship, marketing and publishing.

The 2016  keynote speakers were Katherine Crowley and Molly Longest, co-founders of The Lala – a blog whose target audience (and editorial staff) is college girls and focuses on providing positive content with categories ranging from Fashion and Travel to Health, Feminism, and Tech & Innovation.

In some ways, it reminds me of  Her Campus – which is where I found the very first bloggers I followed through the Her Campus Blogger Network. But I feel more connected to  TheLaLa  as it was founded by fellow alumna and formerly titled  PurdueLaLa.

Katherine & Molly started blogging while they were sophomores at Purdue and now girls from nearly 100 schools across the country write for and read TheLaLa.

Here is my interpretation of some of the main ideas from their presentation:


Go forward with your dreams as if there is no chance it will fail. If you strongly believe in something, you can use your passion to inspire others to believe too.

Just Do It (like seriously, right now)

Don’t wait for your life to start, if you have an idea just go for it – no excuses

Define Your Own Success

After college, there are are no courses and no grades to measure how well you are doing. The world opens up and there are endless opportunities. It’s up to you to set  goals for your life and the criterion to measure your success. Focus on your goals and don’t compare yourself to others

Another major part of the conference was the Strengths Finders Assessment, which was created by Gallup.

After answering over 150 questions, the assessment determines your top 5 strengths

We learned that you should  channel your energy towards your strengths:

If you focus on improving your weaknesses, you may go from incompetent to mediocre – but if you focus on your strengths, you can go from good to excellent

This was a completely  new insight to me and it gave me permission to have a more positive outlook on life by focusing on what I do well instead of what I wish I could do better.  I will continue to look  for opportunities that highlight my talents.

Each year that I have participated in the Women in Business conference has been a great experience and I always walk away with good advice & inspiration.

Share in the comments below:

Who inspires you? What are you doing to achieve  your goals?

The Way to His Heart


Norpro Nonstick Heart Pancake Egg Rings, Set of 2


These pancake shapes from Amazon ($6.99) helped me create the perfect Valentine’s Day breakfast.

(Don’t forget to use non-stick cooking spray so the batter won’t stick to the heart.)

Add some heart- shaped strawberries and coffee for a complete breakfast.


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